Why “1st Grade” Design

As one could easily infer 1st Grade Design is the result of a friendship which began in elementary school. This endeavor is just one of many projects we’ve collaborated on over the past three decades. Not only do we bring passion, expertise and technical proficiency to every project, we also have the intangibles that only years of friendship can bring. As our company grows, we continue to incorporate the 3 C’s that got us to where we are: Clarity, Consistency and Creativity to ensure client satisfaction and retention.

1st Grade Design Logo

Welcome to a better Digital “You”

We are an up and coming design duo that focus on designing and developing everything from websites, logos to marketing materials. Anytime you put something out into the public the first thing that jumps out at people is the quality of the work and the ability to capture your audience’s attention.

At 1st Grade Design we are in the business of enhancing our client’s visibility by designing products that are clean, classy and provide clarity to the end user. By implementing the three C’s we add value to your company and help convey your message in a concise manner based upon your desired message to the intended audience.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you enhance/create a brand strategy by taking your company online or promote your business to an entire new world. We will stand by your side each step of the way thereby ensuring that the project progresses at a steady pace until completion. Because of our size we do not just churn out sites and move onto the next project, instead we can work with you and develop a complete road map of all your needs and work exclusively with you to help create the perfect package that will put you on the path to digital success!